Creating a safe shopping experience for our <b>community</b>
Creating a safe shopping experience for our <b>community</b>

Creating a safe shopping experience for our community


One important action to stop spreading the Covid-19 virus is keeping physical distance from each other. This can be difficult in vital places like supermarkets.

In countries with a high number of infected people, the government had to introduce entry restrictions in grocery stores. This led to long queues and frustration among the customers.

As the duration as well as the severity of the pandemic are not yet foreseeable, it is necessary to implement systems that enable everyday routines (i.e., grocery shopping) for the population and simultaneously avoid a panic at any means.


How can we retain some degree of normality within our everyday life, while fighting the spread of Covid-19?


Confirmed Covid-19 Cases
Grocery Chains
Grocery Stores
Daily Customers

Safe Community

Prevent the spread of Covid-19 by avoiding long queues and panic among customers.

Restore Normality

Bring back some normality in times of abnormality for customers and store employees.

Optimise Capacity

An appointment-based shopping system enables grocery chains to optimise capacities among stores.

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Find available stores

Use our intuitive store filter to find time slots that fit your needs

Save favourites

Quickly check available time slots at your favourite stores

Book appointments

Book and manage your appointments with just one click

Scan ticket at entrance

Scan your ticket at the store, avoid queues, and shop safely


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Grocery stores are important for our communities. Here we get food for us and the people we need and love.

Andrea - Emergence School of Leadership


Når det kommer en ordning fra regjeringen som begrenser antall folk i butikkene kan det være relevant med en løsning som dette.

Knut - Store Manager Norwegian Grocery Store


I want to use this!

Aurora - Alpha User



Develop prototype {in 2 weeks}

With funding from HackTheCrisisNorway, a team of dedicated developers can finish the first beta version of the app. More technical details are explained in the FAQ.

Test in selected supermarkets {in 3 weeks}

Omkrets will be tested in selected supermarkets first to receive immediate user feedback and to improve the service.

Launch Mobile App {in 4 weeks}

After successful developing and testing, the app can be launched for all supermarkets across Norway together with a well coordinated communication.

Add additional stores {in 6 weeks}

In a second launch phase, other stores (pharmacies, restaurants and clothing stores) can be added to Omkrets and bring back normality while saving our community.



You can register by using BankID or SMS verification.

A smartphone is the standard way of booking appointments and using our service. However, we are also working on implementing two alternatives:

(1) A hotline which enables elderly people and those who don’t want to use our App to book an appointment via telephone.

(2) A website which allows customers without a smartphone to access our service.
Appointments can be booked up to 3 days in advance through Omkrets.

Yes, every user can book up to two appointments for grocery stores on one day. Our normal cancellation policies apply.

Please understand that we cannot provide more appointments per customer on a single day, to ensure the sufficient availability of appointments for the community.
Sometimes it can happen that there are no appointments left on a specific day. In this case, you have the following options:

(1) Change the filter settings for the store finder to get a list of free appointments in other stores in your region (which might require more travel)

(2) Change your plans and book an appointment for another day in your favorite grocery store.

(3) Use Omkrets to find grocery stores without appointment-based grocery shopping (waiting times may apply).

Generally, appointments can only be booked through Omkrets. Based on our idea of a single platform solution (one platform, all stores), we do not support decentralised booking (e.g., through the website of your local store).

Please note that you can always find and book appointments for your favorite store in Omkrets by using the filter option.
Yes, you can book appointments for someone else by indicating this in your booking process. You can then share the QR code or numerical code with the respective person.

Please note that in this case you are liable for a no-show or late cancellation.
After booking your appointment in Omkrets, a QR code will be generated. When arriving at the respective grocery store, you have to scan your QR code at the entrance to get access to the store.

Alternatively, a numerical code (which can be found below the QR code) can be used to enter the store.
We encourage our users to only book appointments for grocery shopping with the intention to keep an appointment.

However, we do understand that plans can change and you can therefore cancel your appointment up to 1 hour prior to the appointment without any consequences. Should you miss more than 3 appointments within 1 month at a specific store (without cancelling them on time), the store can decide to block your appointment booking for up to 14 days (at this specific store).

Store Owners

Using our service will have several benefits for you:

(1) You can implement stricter entry regulations for your store in a structured, secure, and easy manner. You thereby avoid long queues in front of your stores, frustration of your customers and employees, and fight the spread of Covid-19.

(2) By using our service the capacity utilization among different stores will be optimized (avoiding some stores to be overly crowded, while others are nearly empty). For you as a store owner this enables a better stock predictability.
Yes, at the moment Omkrets will only be available for grocery stores as we see the most urgent use case here. But we are planning to expand our offering to include pharmacies, restaurants, clothing stores, and other shops soon, which might be an opportunity for stores to remain open and survive this crisis in case stricter regulations are released.
No, we provide our service free of charge, for both you and your customers.
Through our designated store app, owners can sign up their store for our service. The appointment-based store management (i.e., time slot management, etc.) can then be done through our app interface.
There will be a designated App and web interface for store owners which allows them to adjust opening hours, create free time slots, and facilitate appointment management. The app can be used to scan QR codes at the entrance and automatically validate the ticket with your booking system.


We acknowledge that the current situation in Norway in terms of corona infections might be better than in other countries. However, we want to be prepared in Norway in case the situation gets worse. If the government in Norway - at some point - decides to implement stricter regulation (e.g., entry restrictions for grocery stores), Omkrets can provide the necessary infrastructure to facilitate appointment-based grocery shopping. Thereby, Omkrets can avoid queues, frustration, and minimize the risk of infection.
We are not storing any personal data, nor do we use your data to create user-specific shopping profiles. Our services are in line with the latest GDPR regulations.
Grocery stores may adapt our service on a voluntary basis. There will always be stores which will provide non-appointment based grocery shopping and work on a first-come-first-serve basis. We will provide a list of those shops as well for everybody who doesn’t want to book an appointment through Omkrets. Please note that you may encounter queues and waiting times if you choose this option.


Users can either be authenticated by BankID or SMS Kode. Both technologies ensure that users can register only once and allow a convenient process for the users. There are several providers that offer these authentication methods as SaaS and offer well-documented APIs. After negotiating the pricing for this project, the provider with the most affordable pricing and fastest onboarding time, should be chosen. In general, the authentication service costs between 1 NOK to 0.5 NOK per user. Without any special regulations, onboarding costs require additional funding (i.e., government funding).
The customer should be able to access the application via a native iOS / Android app, and via a browser. The design prototype for the native app has already been developed and tested. In order to allow simultaneous development for iOS and Android, we are planning to use the React Native framework for the native app, while developing the web version with the help of the React JS library and Bootstrap.
The shop owner requires a separate access to set the timespots offered to customers and to have an overview of the current demand. Such a fronted should be web based and can also be developed with the React JS library and the Bootstrap framework. It also handles the registration process of shop owners. In addition, the shop owners require a scanning application to validate the tickets. Such a feature can be added in the native iOS and Android app and should only be visible if a shop owner is logged in.
The backend can be separated into three different systems:

(1) Ticket management: The ticket management generates the tickets (QR-codes), updates once a ticket is validated and communicates with the native iOS / Android app.

(2) Store management: The store management keeps track of the store metadata, available time slots and communicates with the native iOS / Android app and the web frontend for customers and shop owners.

(3) User management: In general, there are two user types: customers and shop owners. Next to the metadata and hashed login data, the user management system needs to store information about user activity and booked tickets. In order to integrate the user database scalable across all platforms. We are planning to use firebase as a database for the user management.

For all three backend systems, it needs to be decided which is the best software solution for the server (i.e., Node.JS).

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